Monday, February 22, 2010

New Credit Card Rules

Do you know how long it will take you to pay off that $200 balance on your credit card?  If not, then rest assured, a new law requires credit card companies to disclose your full financial obligation.  However there are other conditions that have come up as a result of the new legislation that you should be aware of.
* The resurrection of annual fees
* Potential for new fees or increased existing fees
* Raised interest rates
Check out an article from Tampa Bay online to learn more...and when in doubt, ask questions!

America Saves Week

The week of February 21st - 28th we celebrate America Saves Week.  What is America Saves Week?  During one week each year, organizations and financial institutions across the country join a national campaign to encourage people to save money and improve financial security.

Most of us are not adequately saving money to handle emergencies or prepare for our future...often times because there is not enough income left to save.  Organizations like ours are committed to help people create financial goals and plans that include saving.  Saving can be done on any budget!  Working together we can help create a better future!

For more information about America Saves, and to sign up for the E-Wealth Coach monthly newsletter visit the america saves website.  We want to help you save!  You can also visit our website to view savings tips or sign up for our Budget Bootcamp!